Are We Still On? Dating in the right Time of Flakes.

Are We Still On? Dating in the right Time of Flakes.

July 20, 2017

I scheduled a coffee date for 1 PM with someone on Bumble thursday. We arranged this through the dating application the night before around midnight, closing with, “I’ll see afterward you! ” At 11 have always been on Thursday, your day associated with date, once I is at the gymnasium and couldn’t answer, i obtained a, “Still on for 1:00? ” text. Hadn’t we just confirmed not as much as 12 hours ago? Had we perhaps maybe not responded at noon saying so it did, in reality, nevertheless work, would he n’t have shown up?

An additional instance, We scheduled a romantic date for a evening thursday. We confirmed the date, such as the some time location, on evening monday. On Wednesday night, we received a text asking, “Still enthusiastic about meeting tomorrow evening? ” Didn’t we already proceed through this? I guess I have fed up with other people’s tendency to bail (or flake or anything you would you like to call it) being projected onto future dates… in this full instance, me. Could possibly be even worse, yes, but may be better.

We supply the advice to my consumers to use the “confident confirmation” of “Looking ahead to seeing you tomorrow” vs. The poor “Are we nevertheless on? ” In speaking with both male consumers (since We generally suggest the guy verifies just about every day ahead of the date) and buddies, i am aware that many simply simply take this “weak” approach as they are afraid that then their date will not show up if they say, “Looking forward to seeing you, ” and don’t get a response. Let’s stop the madness!!

That I’m is realized by me somehow now into the minority of individuals who usually do not cancel plans. I have a good feeling of responsibility (shame? ), also I make if I don’t know the other person, to uphold a promise. I compose my plans in rock (which possibly results in a hefty time planner! ), therefore I, as both a dating mentor and a person, have actually a difficult time using the method plans are no much longer set in stone for many people but more set in quicksand… fleeting at the best.

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