#11. The ‘Italian Chandelier. Also referred to as: The ‘Mounted Reverse Cowgirl’.

#11. The ‘Italian Chandelier. Also referred to as: The ‘Mounted Reverse Cowgirl’.


You lie on your own straight back along with your feet distribute. She stands over you together with her foot either part of one’s legs, dealing with far from you. She slowly lowers herself down and guides by by by herself on your shaft until such time you are completely inside her. With this ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ position, she will relax backward and help her weight on her behalf arms either side of you. Finally, she is placed by her foot in your legs and begins riding you.


You can find a few how to switch this place up. Her arms may either be regarding the sleep or on your own chest – some females like the second because it provides them more security and control. She will additionally alternate between having her foot on your own legs or regarding the sleep to either relative part of one’s feet.


  • This woman-on-top place is really a way that is great offer the lady A-spot and G-spot stimulation.
  • She’ll love being accountable for the pace and depth associated with the action.
  • You are able to fondle her breasts and easily stimulate her clitoris in this place. If you’re thinking about assisting your woman climax during sex, this place is actually for you!


  • In case the girl is fairly petite, she may battle to spot her arms securely regarding the sleep. To handle this, she can put her fingers on your own chest that is upper as above. See ‘Variations’.

#12. The ‘Spread Eagle’


Many partners transfer to the ‘Spread Eagle’ position from the standard position that is‘Missionary. She lies on her behalf straight back along with her feet spread while you kneel straight down and enter her.

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